The Best Quotes From the Kids I Babysit

Jack: “where is your car?”

Me: “I dont have a car”

Jack: “you dont have a CAR?”

Me: “i know right?”
"you’re a terrible cooker"
"where’s my toast?"
[referring to going outside at night] Jack: “it’s dangerous!” 

Lil Sara: “for who? you? haha!”

Jack: “no.” 

Sara: “for mr brooke? haahaha!” 

Jack: “no for your stuffed bunny rabbit” aspen: “haha- hey wait! Tay, that is not even funny.”
Jack: “what color is your toaster?”

Me:”i dont have a toaster.”

Jack: “you dont have a toaster?? you dont have a microwave either… you dont have anything in your house!”

Sara: “do you know how to USE a toaster?”

Jack: “we can teach you.”
Jack: “mommy-uh i mean- hahahaha! i called you mommy.”
me: “what do you kids what to eat?” 

*both kids at once*: “poop.”

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I wonder if someday instead of going through picture albums our generation will show our grandchildren our posts and tweets from years ago when we were young and our past will reside solely on our walls to be displayed to the world. 

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